Halloween and Bonarda!

Lately we have being experimenting with different pairings with our wines and some goodies. this time we are preparing for our halloween party this weekend... we found the perfect pairing with reese's peanut butter cup!!!

If you are going to chew down in some Reese’s peanut butter cup your would want to pair with a red wine, that is a given, now the question which read wine will it be?

We took couple of our wines, the first one was Organic Cabernet 212 from Haarth, Mendoza - Argentina, at the beginning we thought the wine was too thin to handle the creaminess of full flavors of the chocolate and of the peanut butter. We thought that the wine was to acidic and did not "flow" together with the sweet snack, rapidly we moved to the next wine. The second wine was Organic Bonarda 2012 from Haarth, Mendoza - Argentina. The wine was AMAZING!!! alone and with the reese's peanut butter. It had so much body and sweetness black berry flavors that it tasted like they were meant to each other.... LOL together they blended and melted our mouths. We had one sip and then other and then other... it was irresistible and impossible to stop. It literally melted the chocolate in our palates! Try it!

Haarth and Halloween Resse's.png

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