Mendoza Harvest 2013

Early days are the days before harvest. It usually starts at 5am at the winery, first we grab the very needed cup of coffee and then headed to the fields to collect samples and bring them to the lab. In some cases the vineyards are located a few miles away from the actual winery, in others the ride could be between 20 and 45 minutes up hill into the Andes. In Mendoza, wineries plant different lots at different altitude of the same varietal. They say it helps the wine to develop deeper flavors and higher acidity textures that makes these wines (specially Malbec) the pallet pleaser that Americans love!

My english is terrible in this video, after speaking spanish for days, it sounds like I totally forgot english, I apologize for the dumb 15 seconds I had before it all came back to me.

Cheers and enjoy Argentina's best creation after soccer and tango, their wine!!!

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