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REDPURO Organic Vineyards

La Paz - Mendoza

Our Wines

RedPuro represents the spirit and passion of the red chested, colorful roosters from South America. These roosters are the guards of many farms, they are empowered with a great attitude and loyalty towards to their masters. In our labels and our wines we look to share their passion and colors with you.

Our wines are Certified Organic, we highly respect and care for the environment.  Organic agriculture is the best way to obtain more balanced, healthy and productive vineyards, resulting in a better quality of grapes and, therefore, better wines. Thanks to the passion and the way our growers produce and process our wines, our vineyards produce wines with unique character and personality, always seeking the maximum expression of terroir. For this reason we believe that our wines show a strong connection and pride for the place they come from.

In our delicious wines you will find balance, focus and complexity… That is the RedPuro Organic Wines experience…

"Wines with balance, focus and complexity"

                                                     That is the RedPuro experience...


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